"Three Witches", Movie Project

That’s right, a new project has begun. I had hoped to keep it quiet for a few more months, while we work out the kinks, but I was so proud of it, I goofed, and leaked it, publically.

This, is a feature movie project. It’s a Horror movie, (there must be something in the water, here).

I think, this, is the scariest story, and will be the scariest movie, ever made. This film will make people question, what they though, they knew. This time, I intend to premiere the book, ninety days, after the movie premieres.

This book, and screenplay are the result of forty five years of  research, and a ongoing investigation, with the consultation of historical experts.

There won’t be much blood, guts, and gore, as this is a psychological, thriller. Making it even, more intense, it’s based on real, documented events. Destined to make you turn on all the lights, and never watch alone, don’t miss, “Three Witches”.

Here, is a breakdown of the grass roots, (shares), system we are using.

We start with one hundred percent of the net profits, and from there:

51% of the net profits, goes to GOPWAR.NET for it’s funding for gig-workers, artists, and teachers recovery fund, (that’s who we represent).

49% of the rest is divided into shares, which can also, be divided, like stocks, and bonds.

Each performer will get one full share, leading performers will receive one full extra share. Any, walk-on type of quick flash appearance is given 1/10th of a share. Shares, may also be used to pay for expenses, like location, advertising, rentals, services, etc.

As I said, there is a total of 49 shares to work with, here, and any unused shares are divided between those involved. My goal, is to be able to put back into the the held shares, an additional 20 units of shares.

This, could be, potentially, a proverbial, boatload of money for everyone involved, and this will be the pioneer in this experimental venue, which could easily, develop into a franchising opportunity, with all sorts of derivatives, royalties, and residuals, for years to come.


Here is a simple calculation, based on a total net profit of one hundred, million dollars. Bare in mind, any feature film, making less than that, is trash, total garbage, you won’t even, find on Netflix.

Anyone acting in the film, would receive, one share, which equals, one million dollars.

All leading performers have two shares, so they would each receive two million dollars.

Tenths, of shares would be worth one hundred, thousand, dollars, which,  are used for various smaller expenses.

GOPWAR.NET will handle all the legal, financial matters. The taxes you will be responsible for, will be automatically deducted for you, and either transferred to the IRS. Directly, for you, or placed in a tax escrow account, to keep us all out of trouble.

Screen Test

Screen Test Rules:

  1. No editing, each, of the four lines on your test must be done in one continuous, take, but you can look at the list, before you start each line., and you can hit pause while you look at the list.

  2. No background music.

  3. There is a five minute, total, maximum time limit. We can only review the first, five minutes of your screen test to be fair to everyone.

  4. You must look towards the camera when you say your lines.

  5. You can’t read the lines, directly, off the list, we don’t want to watch you read, we want to feel what you say.

You Can:

  1. You can use any type of digital device to record you, such as, cell phone, camera, ipad, etc.

  2. You can record anywhere you like, for background.

  3. You can wear anything you like, for clothing.

  4. You can use devices, or other means, to induce tearing, such as, onions.

  5. You can look down at the lines, before you say them.


Screen Test:

Note: None of these scenes are in this movie, this is a test to see if you can make us feel.

Try to put yourself in these positions, emotionally. Feel free to ad-lib, look at the camera, state your first name, (only), and the state you live in. State the number of each scene, just before you give your line.

1. You were just forced to watch half of your family murdered by a tyrannical king, and now, as you look into the camera, pretend the camera is a mirror, and you are all alone looking into the mirror. All your hate, and loss has overcome you, and you promise into the mirror, as if you were looking, straight into the eyes of the tyrant king.


Your Line:

“God, as my witness, I will avenge you with every breath I  take, from now, till eternity. Your demise, is all I will dream of”.


2. You are deeply in love with the person of your dreams.

After years of bliss, you happen across a love note from       your partner to an unknown rival of yours. As, you read it, your face goes slowly, from, happy, to emotionally devastated, as it does, looking up from the note, you look at the camera, and murmur this line:


Your Line:

“I gave you my life for six years, I gave you everything, and you do this? YOU, do this to ME? THIS, is what my life has become?”

3. You have been alone for two years on the planet Mars, and a spaceship from Earth has landed, and docked onto your living chamber, after the pilot walks through the airlock, into your chamber, you realise, the love of your life, just walked in, behind him. You are overwhelmed with loving emotion, and disbelief, as you say:


Your Line:

“Is that really you? Are you just, in my mind, or are you real? You came all this way, for ME? You ARE real, please say, you ARE real, I beg you to say it”.


4. Now, YOU are the love of life, who just, walked into the chamber, behind the pilot, and as you look at the occupant waiting in the chamber, and answer this, with deep loving emotion:


 Your Line:

“I am real, I am as real as the sun in the sky, and the hair                  on your head. I am the luckiest person on Earth, or Mars”.



5. Show us your fear face for 10 seconds.


That’s it, now send it to bob@gopwar.net and good luck!

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©2017 by Bob Geezer Muppet