I wanted to let you know, twitter has shut down my daily video tweets. They have responded from threats from the music industry. They feel threatened with the way I operated, without income, or greed. I will keep the full length, direct email selections going, until, this too, is stopped.
I will be working on a weekly vlog channel on YouTube, called,
"Bob's World Life", that should start in a few weeks. I will email you a link to get to it, as soon as it's ready. It will be a personal vlog about my life, completely different from GOPWAR.
I plan to go places, and do things to create some content you might enjoy.
I will discuss everything from health issues, like my battle with pain, and how I deal with it, to, camping, kayaking, and how I dumped Big Pharma, and kept a smile on my face, (Hint: I live in Maine). There is sure to be some laughing, and loving, involved.
We helped hundreds of new artists get their start, and rescued many of them from bankruptcy, while showing the world what they could do. We created millions of smiles in the process, and made life a little easier for the masses. Most of all, we taught the world, you can do ANYTHING, if you try, especially, women.
We made a lot of friends on this journey, and if your reading this, you are one of my friends. I keep my friends forever, and I have this list, so I will never be alone, and I will always be able to count on folks like you in the future.
Thank you all for being a part of, one of the finest things
I have ever done, and for believing in me.
I will always love you,