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Merry Christmas From GOPWAR Network

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all.

To all those who wonder what happened to the morning video tweets, and direct emailed YouTube links, we sent every day...Well, I had to go to work to prevent GOPWAR from being shut down, because we couldn't afford to run it. Many people tried to help with donations, and I thank them from the very bottom of my heart.

The funding levels for the GOPWAR Network dropped dangerously, low. This, was due to two factors, Covid-19 has ruined income for millions of folks, and the other is because I made a mistake four years ago, when I contracted with to create this website. At the time, I was not aware how WIX would nickle, and dime us for one charge, after another, for every move we made. I was also, not aware, the website would be operated with proprietary software, which cannot be used by any other web hosting company, so it can't be moved to a normal priced website. It is impossible for me to move to another hosting company, without losing thousands of stored videos here.

There is good news:

I have agreed to help some friends in the financial field, by directing our wonderful crew of investigators, and qualified, "sensitives", who help us shine light on things we don't understand. These are folks I love, understand, and trust, who have NEVER let me down.

Now, our mission is to make money!

I have always lived on, next to nothing, knowing, I could make millions, if I really wanted to.

One of the richest people in the world, once told me, "If I lost everything today, a year from now, I would be a millionaire again, and Bob, you are just like me".

I never forgot that lesson, and I have always played with the thought of getting rich, when I was old enough to settle down a bit, but until now, I never really cared about money, I had always managed to be fine with what I had.

I have decided to add a segment to my, "Bob's World Life", weekly vlog on YouTube, called, "Bob Muppet's, Stock Market Money". This, may end up being what becomes of the vlog.

Each segment will include some recommendations for stocks.

For maximum performance, we will use penny stocks. They are very low priced, so we can purchase a lot of it. The underlying problem with penny stocks is their volatility. Penny stocks require maintenance, sometimes daily, and most people just, don't have the time.

My plan, is to set up a demonstration, stock trader account with one hundred dollars, diversify it, and to regularly, show screen shots of the account, and the buying, and selling of the stocks. This way, everyone watching can benefit from it. Folks will be able to mirror what we do here, and reap the profits from it. I will not add money to the account, other than the profits derived from the account.

I intend to show how anyone can make a lot of money with penny stocks, and it can be done safely, and efficiently.

I hope you will watch for my weekly vlog on YouTube, "Bob's World Life", and the segment called, "Stock Market Money".

I hope to get the daily tweets on GOPWAR Network operational in the near future.

More information will follow, in the next mailing from the GOPWAR Network, .shortly.

If you would like to donate to GOPWAR, please use this PayPal link.

If you would like to set up a free Robinhood, stock trader account, please use this link, they will give you one free stock, just for opening an account, and they will also, give one to me, once you have one, you will have a link of your own, to get free here

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