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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Subject: Your chance to make the world a better place. Will you take it? | Fund GOPWAR

Hi Members,

Happy Thanksgiving,

Every day, we seek to provide this community with videos that incite love, community and joy - a unique purpose in a world consumed by hatred.

But daily entertainment that is purposeful, moving and joy inducing isn’t easy to ascertain. For three years, we have prevailed - tweeting uplifting music videos every single day.

That’s over 1000 days of healing through music. All for no cost to you.

And now, we need you to help us continue our mission. GOPWAR needs you to uplift, to commit to hope and healing, in a world filled with evil. Will you rise to the challenge?

Our website, the beating heart of the content we share, is costly to keep updated. With your help funding our website, you can continue to encourage thousands to heal through music. You can make a real difference in the lives of others. It has never been more important, than now, to reach across the isle.

If you’re interested in giving back to GOPWAR, we welcome you with open arms.

Please click on one of the yellow, PayPal buttons to donate directly to GOPWAR (Geez Productions)

This community inspires us everyday, thank you.

I love you all,

Bob G. Muppet