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GOPWAR Daily, Morning, Video Tweets Resume, October, 4th

Finally, some good news, I am re-starting the GOPWAR Network, morning video tweets on October 1st, and of course, my daily picks, original, full length link is sent to you each morning, for your enjoyment, and your opinion in our conversations.

If you are reading this, you are already on the mailing list for them.

GOPWAR.NET, is the talent industry insider, for fresh entertainment, we promote the lesser known acts, who have met our high quality standards for decency.

As, most of you know, I had lost my vision about, 10 months ago, and had to stop making those, early morning, music video, tweets. I have missed making them, and feeling the love from those who enjoyed them, and have become my friends through our interaction.

I have stayed on twitter, (for the most part), by using speech, to text apps, and specially darkened, screen background, but it’s not the same, re-tweeting the 739 old, video tweets, all the time. Now, that I can see, it’s time to let the uplifting, early morning, video tweets resume.

I have been given the gift of eyesight, returned to me. Me, the guy who has always said, “I am the luckiest man on earth”. Now, I have proof of it, to show to others. I cannot thank all of you, enough for believing in me, and ‘being there’, for me.

I am so thankful for the help, and great care from my doctors, and the many, nurses, in two different hospitals, who worked so hard, and were so nice to me.

The GOPWAR Network brings good, wholesome, real entertainment to the masses, and promotes Democratic, progressive principles, while occasionally, harvesting a few thousand smiles, daily.

We spread love, and joy around the world.

So, I paid out about $700.00 of my own money, for web fees, and I will be billed another $700.00, soon, to keep this running. I must ask for your help to recover this money, since I am retired, and live on next to nothing. I am not complaining, in any way, if I do not get the money back, I will go without, as needed. GOPWAR.NET, is my dream, but I know there must be someone out there, who will help me by donating to my cause. I am very sorry to have to ask for help with this.

GOPWAR.NET is member owned, non-commercial. I do not sell anything, nor, do I charge anything. We promote gig workers, artists, and teachers. If you would like to donate to help me, you can use my PayPal link, or my personal Patreon link.

Thank you, so very much,

Bob G. Muppet


Off the coast of Southern Maine



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