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GOPWAR Server Re-booted For New Movie Project, "Three Witches".

Hi GOPWAR. Members.

We have good news to report, first, Bob’s blindness may be coming to an end. His first operation is on the 10th and another one will be two weeks later, and the good news is, he may be able to see again. We are spooling up the servers at GOPWAR.Net to accommodate Bob’s hopeful, return.

Second, while Bob’s getting ready to be able to see, again, we are getting the website ready to handle his newest project, a movie called, “Three Witches”, to be filmed, interactively.

This bombshell was dropped on us, only a week ago, now, we are scrambling to get caught up to speed with his new endeavor.

Soon, you will see a section open up in the this website called, “Three Witches Movie”, this is where you will find the screen test that's required, if you would like to be in this movie, and we would love to have you.

This project is an attempt to build up financial help for teachers, and gig-workers,(artists), who have been, and will be stifled by the Republican abetted, failure to manage the Covid-19 Virus. Our funding is totally exhausted, so it is necessary to set up a method to inject massive amounts of money into our system. Bob’s movie project is that method.

This will take lots of work, and unfortunately, lots of time, perhaps, up to, two years. It’s, a very long time, but we must start somewhere, and the time is, now.

We will all be working this as best we can, with what we have. Bob thinks we could streamline this operation, if we reach out, and seek help from volunteers. There are lots of folks out there, who will enjoy working on this project. Not many of us can say, they helped work on a blockbuster, horror movie.

We are reaching out to those in the movie business, teachers of acting, drama, directing, theater,as well as, Internet/webmasters, please tell your students about this project, ask them to volunteer, and be part of this production. There is a chance for substantial payouts, if this comes together.

If the project works, we expect to be able to raise, in the area of, over fifty million dollars, to put into our helping hand, fund, and a bunch of money to put into the pockets of those who’ve helped us. Bob, will be explaining in future videos, the income potential of this project, and how the, (shares/percentage), system is being set up.

Over, the next few weeks, you will notice changes to this website, in order to accommodate the large amount of interest in Bob's new project. We are are currently, busy getting the site ready for this, surprise, massive endeavor.

We urge you to check this site regularly, to see our progress.

Thank you for being there for us,