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Class Action Law Suit Update: We Have To say NO.

Well, our feasibility study has come to an end.

Here is what we know, at this time, there are over 155 suits in progress, already.

Our plan was to put all these in one class action suit, so All Americans can benefit from it.

Here is our finding, and opinion. After discussing this with multiple well seasoned, attorneys.

There is little chance of the hundreds of ongoing legal actions, giving up, and joining us in this endeavor.

There are four, major class action suits in progress now, and we have reached out to all of them to offer our services, and help.

The GOPWAR.NET website is set up to handle the e-signatures, voting, and updates, and there are no fees for any of it.

We were unable to find a legal firm, who would commit to the 1-2 year requirement, needed.

At this point our decision is, we will not be doing anything in this regard on our own, but stand ready to help, in any way.

We are a family of thousands here, and we want to see justice take place.

Thank you ALL so, very much for supporting our idea. We all look forward to the healing we need, and we are ready for some enlightenment, and joy.

Huge, hugs, and big kisses to everyone who gave this a chance.

This, will, most likely be the last update on any suits, unless, we are asked for our help by one of the top four class-action suits.

Do not be saddened by this news, justice, WILL be done.

We are not down, nor are we out, in fact, we are just getting started.