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To all GOPWAR.NET Members

To all GOPWAR.NET Members:

The response from my suggestion, we file a class-action lawsuit, is overwhelming.

The tsunami, of outpouring from the public is a breath of fresh air to see.

I am currently, looking for a lawyer to handle the case, if you know a good one, who has said, he would do that, please let me know his contact information, because it is not legal for the lawyers to contact me directly for this.

My reason for action, is:

Donald Trump, with the aiding, and abetting of the RNC, Fox News, as well as, other entities to be named later, did, with malice of forethought, and knowing, full well, (millions of Americans lives would be put in mortal danger, with the possibility of massive numbers of unnecessary deaths), deliberately, delayed, impeded, misdirected, lied about, and used his office to attempt to manipulate news reports, and other media to:

  1. Advance his own political career.

  2. Down-play, and discredit actual news reporting of this event.

  3. Reward RNC members, who praise, or support him publicly.

I have had some free advice, indicating:

  1. ALL costs incurred, as a result of the massive spead of the virus are recoverable, medications, all medical, burial expenses, funeral expenses, gas, cleaning supplies, pain/suffering as a result of fear, or physical difficulty, as a result.

  2. Fox News, as well as, other media outlets, to be named later, should also be charged, so as, to have their entertainment license, as well as their business license, suspendered.

This, is only, the beginning of this. I will keep you all posted through GOPWAR.NET website. There are thousands of us here, reaty to take action.

I think you know I am honest, and my heart is in the right place. I have been doing my best to keep us together, on twitter, for two years.

I am working on our website to make it more effective with this project, and I am directing future donations, we receive to GOPWAR.NET (over the operating expenses of our website), to this effort. Please be generous, most likely, we will have to pay a large retainer to the lawyer to get this filed.

Please tell your friends to subscribe, so they can watch, and assist us with our progress.

Please save all receipts for ANYTHING related to virus expences.

I love you all,


Please note:

My Patreon account, goes to me, personally, just to survive, so I need to keep that for my medical expenses, and just living, as I am not working, (like most others).

Bless you, for anything you send to me.


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