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Class-Action GOP. Lawsuit Being Contemplated by GOPWAR.NET

I am doing a feasibility study to see if the nation is ready to file a class action lawsuit of the Republican party, for their failure to act for the public good, and deliberately, withholding the knowledge of a pandemic on it's way to our shores, resulting in mass sickness, and death among the citizens.

Their failure to act, and blatant lies, deception, and dithering, has put all of us in danger, thousands have already died, and became very sick.

If necessary, I will be the face of this lawsuit, and this website will handle the digital signatures, contacts, logistics, and funding required for such an operation.

This, is in the early stages right now. Here are some of my tweets concerning this class action, lawsuit.


Would anyone like to file a class action law suit, with me, against the GOP, regarding their failure to act, to keep us safe from the MAGAVirus. Their dithering, happy-talk, and lies, is resulting in the suffering, and death of thousands of citizens. There is a price to be paid.


·The plan, would be to first, take all their money, then take everything of value, they own, and divide it among us, the citizens. This, won't bring back our dead, but it will give us comfort, that, justice is being done, something, not seen, so far.

So far,the mood is very high for the suit.

More, later, as we get more data...