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Dear GOPWAR.NET members.

We are in danger of having to shut this service down. The pressure from twitter is very high. Now, they are using copywrite violations to try to stop us.

I would never violate the law, intentionally, and I have been told, that when a non-commercial club uses copywritten material for non-commercial purposes, and there are no fees, or profits made by the material, there is NO VIOLATION.

GOPWAR.NET serves the public interest, and does not charge any fees, or sell any products, or services. We promote artists, and their work.

If you would like to help me keep this alive, Please tell: ,

GOPWAR is a good thing, and should be allowed to continue.

Big money is needed for legal representation, among other expenses.

If you can afford to help me, please do, but I don’t want anyone who is living with a tight budget to spend money they need to live on. Please use the PayPal button at the WWW.GOPWAR.NET website to donate.

If my tweets stop, or the website goes dark, Please look for me under the, “Bob’s World Life” name, on YouTube, or on the internet, somewhere, (I’m working on a weekly vlog, thing).

If they do shut me down, I will send you an email with my next move. My work is for a Nobel cause, and I will not stop, until I have taken my last breath, so rest assured, I will be out there, doing this, some place, some how.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me live my dream of spreading love, and music across the world, while helping the teachers, who taught me. We came a long way, and have done a whole lot of good in the world.

Most of all, we came together, for a common cause, and in the process, we made thousands of new friends.

Thank you for believing in me, I love you all, as family.

Take care,


This, was the response I sent back to twitter, today:

Hi, GOPWAR.NET is not a commercial website, and does not charge fees for use. My service sends it's members a link to the YouTube selection of the day, they are free-ranged on YouTube, for anyone to view, or use. There is no copyright violation, when used for non-commercial purposes, and GOPWAR.NET, supports music, and the arts in schools. Maybe, you should try thanking teachers, and people like me, who promote these artists without fees, or promises, instead of attacking them for trying to be a help to the world.

I always follow the law, and intend to continue following the rules. Please check out the site, and advise what you want me to do. There are thousands of members who really need what I do, right now.

Thank you,


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