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Wonderful News: Prayers Answered

The GOPWAR Project is alive, and well, raring to go, because of the love, and generosity of of our members, I call Angels. There was worry, I could not continue, because of the high costs of running the GOPWAR.NET website, and the Angels responded with the funding we needed to keep it running well. The GOPWAR Project belongs to our members. I am proud to be the one delivering the entertainment, as long as the members will have me. There are too many Angels to name, but you know who you are, and I want you to know, I love you for what you have done, and I am so proud of you for helping in this way. There is still much to do. My dream has many branches, from, the musical instruments, free to children, program, to the Maritime, Seamanship Training Program, and the World Peace Concert Series. All of which, take lots of funding to operate. I know, in my heart, there is someone out there, who has lots of money, who wants to make a real difference in the world, and knows my dream is real, and will fund all of that. We see huge donations to politicians who are just, simply, frauds, so, instead of that, if there is someone with money, and vision out there, who has had enough of wasting their money on fraud politicians, please donate to GOPWAR, you can specify your program to fund, if you like. What could possibly be, a more just cause, than, harvesting smiles, and calming the nation? I can’t thank you all enough. Please keep donating, so we can add more to the website, and grow our organization. The GOPWAR Project is working to bring you fresh, quality entertainment, and an upbeat start to your day, every day. I love you all, Bob


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