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Urgent Funding Request

Now, is the time to help GOPWAR stay operational, and spread the message of love. Payment for our website is due next week, even with the donations I have already had, I am still about, $400.00 short. Please, if there is anyone out there, who can cover this cost, please do, it would help me sleep at night, as I am retired, on a fixed income. In the event, I can’t get the funding we need, I will still, make the daily tweets, but they won’t be saved as they have been, and the daily emails that go out, will stop. The spirit of GOPWAR depends on us all being in one family, here, as we have been. I don’t sell anything, and I don’t charge anything, the future of GOPWAR is up to you, the viewers. I am asking for your help, and I want you to know, I love you, no matter what happens to the GOPWAR Project. Doing this, has been the finest thing I have ever done, and I would love to keep doing it, because it works. Wholesome, upbeat, music, and the arts, are for everyone to enjoy. Thank you, I love you, Bob