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Your donation will help me pay back the high web costs, that I can't afford, alone. I don't charge for anything, and I'm not selling anything, so the only way for me to continue giving you the best, fresh entertainment, without the hype, is from your donation, of any amount.

GOPWAR, is becoming an idea, and a way of life. The folks I have met make me proud to be an American. We spread love around the world, and it comes back to us, ten fold.

My mission, is to spread love, and joy, through music. I will use mostly, cover songs, we can relate to, for a fresh new sound. I use emotion in ways, most do not understand, and when I say something, you can believe it.

It's starting to work, the average happiness index, (which I completely, just made up), and the results from the Sunday Relaxation videos, (that is documented), we can prove the average viewers blood pressure, dropped several points, for several hours. That alone, shows you GOPWAR is working.

Thank you so much, to all of you Angels who have donated so far, I want to continue doing this, just as I have been, and that is why I am asking for your help, now. You haven't let me down yet, I trust you, and I know, some how, we will be able to do this.

I totally, understand, if you are living on a very tight budget.

The rest, is up to you, thank you, again.

I love you all,

Bob G.


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