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Big News for Subscribers !

To better serve my GOPWAR family, I have made a few changes. GOPWAR subscribers, will now, receive the long version of the daily tweets in your email every day. Each day, you will be able to see the best version of the tweet of the day, when you can use it best. We are all on different schedules, so it seems fitting, to direct send these tweets to subscribers. There are several benefits to this. You will be able to have it ready, when you need it, and I will be able to keep in closer touch with you. My tweets will go out to you, regardless, of twitter being operational, or not, and I will be able to serve more of you, by continuing to operate, while I am being blocked by twitter, (which happens several hours each day). My biggest fear about this is, you will stop re-tweeting my messages, so I ask you to PLEASE RE-TWEET the tweets on twitter, too. There will be a tweet tag on the site, but it will only give a link to the site, because the videos you get in your email, are much longer than twitter allows. As always, there are no fees for subscribing, and I’m not selling anything. I enjoy helping in this cause, and I have met so many great people as a result of it. There is a whole lotta love out there, and I am going to see to it, that it gets spread around, properly.

If you can help me by donating, anything, it would help so much, I would be very grateful, I totally understand, if you are unable for financial reasons. The love we spread around here is free, and is unconditional. The direct sending of long version tweets, starts tomorrow, enjoy. Thank you, so, very much, for standing by me, and being part of my dream. I love you all. Sincerely, Bob G. Muppet


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