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A Few Changes Coming, and Kayaking

A few housekeeping changes to report.

Today, I had a friend suggest I drop the name, "Geezer", because, it negatively portrays older folks, and I don't really fit the definition of a Geezer. I am humbled by folks caring they way they do.

She wasn't the first one to suggest it, and after much discussion, I will be doing that in the next few days.

Most people, won't even notice the change.

The name change will also, allow me to phase in my vlog I've been working on, called, It's a Bob's World Life".

I expect the start of that vlog should be April first, if not sooner. I am trying to combine, a talent show, with a vlog, mixed with an outdoors adventure show.

About the outdoors:

Spring is on the way, and kayak fever is setting in.

Kayaks, are the lowest priced boats on the planet, generally, from $300-$600 (new). They are permitted, everywhere, are easy to carry, are indestructible, can carry lots of supplies, and are much more stable, than you think.

I will be setting up some fun adventures shortly. These will be for age 50+, so we can take our time, relax, and talk together.

These will be short 1-3 hour paddles, very light upper level exertion, laid back, on flat, still, water, until the group is ready for more. All subscribers are invited, of course, so, if your reading this, that means you, are invited.

For reasons of practicality, I need to stay in the New England area. In the future, I would love to do this on a large scale, all over the country, and more, because, once you try it, you will be hooked. One of the special bonuses, that come with kayaking, is, they are very stealthy, actually, most nature is not effected by their presence. You can cruise up to creatures, nose, to nose with ease, making photography, fantastic.

I will be setting up a page for reservations in a few weeks, but if you want in, and need more information, email me.


Off the coast of Southern Maine



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