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New Relaxation Videos On Way!

As many of you already know, I have been working on creating videos, specifically, to help you to relax. There has been a breakthrough, that I am beaming to tell you about. First, let me tell you how they work. I compile music, with video, similar to the way, most people do, but I do some editing, and organize them to help you relax, open your mind, invoke memories, and positive reinforcement. With all of the video clips I have made, I have used these principles, because, in my opinion, if I can relax folks, and give them something positive to hear, or see, when they start their day, then, it has to improve their outlook, which, we know, is contagious, and it spreads, on, and on. Sunday, I will post a video clip, that has all those components, and more. It is not yet completed, but will be, after I put a few tweaks on it. Two separate test groups, indicate absolute, success, so far. The video is 6:15 minutes long, and all the testing was done on that, but, my goal for twitter, is to be able to do the same thing, in two minutes. Time, will tell if that works, and that is why I hope you will watch the long one on GOPWAR.NET. It is all free, there are no fees, and I don’t sell stuff. Please send it to your friends. I don’t claim any ownership of anything except the name GOPWAR. I want people to take them, and send them, you can even call it your own, if you like. I just, want to help the world relax a little, and love each other, the way it should be. Thanks for all your help with this project. It is so nice to see it working so well. Look, how many people have learned to say, “I love you”, already. Look at how much love has been spread around to the right places. Please don’t miss this Sunday’s video, if you are searching for a way to relax, lower your blood pressure, and ease your mind. Trust me, harvesting smiles, is what I do. This works, and I want you to keep it to reuse, when you need it. I will attempt to do one of these special relaxation videos for each Sunday. The GOPWAR project, is working. The results are in, and verifiable. It was all for you, because I love you. Bob


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