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GOPWAR.NET NEWSLETTER Our Community Fellowship, of Music Lovers, And Lovers of Humanity

Thank you, so much for wanting to be part of GOPWAR #Resistance. There has been a lot of activity here, and I thought it would be a nice time to talk about what’s been going on, where we have been, and where we are going. I also, have a few words about the power of love we have been working on, lately. I think the best place to start is, with the, Bob’s World Life”, series. A few episodes are, “in the can”, but the test market data is really bad. Old geezer’s aren’t well known for building ratings, so we may want to think of another project, just in case. In the process of filming for that show, I filmed a lot of kayaking footage, that I have yet to use, and my friends in the business, want me to think about doing the show as an outdoor adventure show, that is a comedy, (of course). Last Summer, I took the crew deep into the heart of Vermont, where, I promptly, got everyone lost, in an area with no cell reception, during mountain flooding. Fortunately, nobody was injured, and we had a bunch of fun. The movie project, “Inside Out-The Quarterline Incident” is still on hold, because of ongoing activity, that we have encountered. There are many personal reasons for the hold, I won’t waste time on for now. If you want more information on that, you should look up prior newsletters, where I go into detail, or look for the (Bob’s World) tag on this website, on the upper right side. The music concert project, “Geezerfest”, was cancelled a few months ago, because I was unable to secure a location large enough for a venue that size, in time to lock in the huge funding needed for it. I take the blame for that failure, and I am working on some smaller venues, including a traveling, talent show, so I can promote some great, new talent. Who knows what will come of it. If it takes off, I will run it, I have always enjoyed showcasing quality acts. The movie project, “A Tale of Three Witches“, is back in the screenplay stage, because of some spooky occurrences that happened while in the interview process with some actual Witches. I can’t go into it, without blowing a big secret, however, what happened was so intense, I had to re-write several pages of the screenplay, to keep everything, accurate. Now, there is a huge decision to be made, and everyone involved in this project needs to let me know their feelings on where we go from here. We need to decide, if we are going to keep this accurate, and tell the factual story, which would give the world a great, real, scary, documentary. Or, do we allow this to be, “Hollywooded”, and only, partially accurate, but a blockbuster film. Bear in mind, the upset to the lives of the individuals, if this is told the wrong way, and the promises we made to protect them from the interfering, public. The amount of love, that could be spread in the world with the boatloads of money this film could produce, really makes us have to ponder this, very deeply. I will go with the votes of the crew on this, to keep everything fair, they put in the work, and deserve the choice.

All crew: Please be prepared to vote on this, at the February, 27th meeting. My podcast project, “Bob’s World Talent Show”, is on hold, due to the negotiations on the other Bob’s World filming, for the upcoming, traveling talent show, that I am booking up for. If it's possible, I will try to incorporate both together, streamed, or on a separate channel. On this website, I am looking for help designing it properly, so I can make it more interactive. There are a few additional sections, I want to include, such as, “The Students Section”, where educators can show off their classes music video work. A, “Garage Band”, section, where I can post new start-up bands, who can really use a helping hand, and a section we can use to, specifically, send love, and strength to those who need it most.

If you are good with websites, and want to volunteer to help, I could really use it.

Now, the music. As you may have noticed, there is more (A Capella) music being posted lately. The reason is, the popular demand is very high for that right now, so, expect more of it. Many of you have asked if GOPWAR is going to stop, the answer is, absolutely not, although, the direct tweets will be whittled down a bit, to make it more manageable. I enjoy being counted on to, “be there”, for everyone, so count on my video tweets being there. I am working on a separate section, I will call, “Garage Bands”. That, will allow me to showcase even, lesser known, and beginner bands, who I think, have a great chance at success in the music business. The type of music I feature, changes, depending on demand at the time, and what I think, best fit’s the message I have to send. On, a personal note: I am starting week six, of a diet, which is very simple, I have whatever I want, and as much, as I can eat for breakfast, and that’s it, for food for the day. If I get hungry, I can have a slim fast drink, and on Sundays, I can eat anything I want for the entire day, as a reward. I recommend this for anyone who is way overweight, but for just, dropping a few pounds, I don’t know. I must say, it’s really working for me. Now, on Sundays, I can hardly eat any of the extra I thought I could, because my stomach is actually, shrinking, a little. If there is anyone who struggles with weight, as I do, and you want to try this, and have someone to help you through it, I am here to help. In only a few weeks, I was feeling better, now, I have energy, I never knew I had, and I just, plain, feel better than I have since I was in my 20’s. I am doing extra work, and cleaning things, because, I have more energy, now. Honestly, I used to eat junk food all day long before this, but didn’t realize, it was killing me, and now I realize that junk food, was all garbage. I still enjoy the taste, but have completely cut it out for six days a week, which makes my body very happy.

We just got a new member of our family! She is a Maine Coon Cat, and we have named her, “Posie”. Her Mom, and Dad are huge, so we expect her to grow very big. We have spent weeks acquiring all the things we needed to welcome her home, including a multi level climbing shelf, rig, any cat would love, to climb, sleep, and scratch on. We just, brought her home today, and she is adjusting just fine. She is already, very lovable, and seems to very happy to be here. As, many of you are aware, I have been studying the science of love, and smiles. It sounds very simplified, yet there is much to it. Here is a simplification of the study:

The reason love, wins over hate, is because love, is built on a foundation of trust, and hate, has nothing to support it. When we send love to someone, it helps them grow, and in the process of sending the love, love returns to us, amplified. This, is where those sayings come from, like, “Love is stronger than anything”. In my studies, I have found, that, when we send love as a group, the effect is exponential. The lives of those we help are improved, and our hearts are brighter, because we did something to help, and the feeling is addictive. When we help others like this, our hearts smile, and all it takes is a friendly word, or two, from each of us. This means so much to all who get these words. There is NOTHING on this earth as powerful as, a positive outlook, and that, is something we are capable of transmitting great distance with music, and technology. It is such a pleasure to see you come together when I asked you to send some nice words to my friends this week, @travi44, and @JewelResists are all so happy to see the response to their emotional need. For any of you who haven’t said something nice to them, please do that now, and to those who have already contacted them to let them know you care, I love you for what you have done, and you will be rewarded in life for your goodness. Let's plan on doing that more, with more who need it, we have a lot of love to go around, and some of us need it, right now. About donations: If you can afford to donate to this cause, I would love that. I don’t sell anything, and I don’t charge for anything. I am here because, I care about all of you, not just the ones who donate, or say nice things. I have proven, and continue to prove, this works.

The downtrodden, are stepping up to be counted, people are learning how to say, "I love you", emotionally, and physically abused spouses are standing up, and saying no, police, aren’t so fast to shoot first, the banker isn’t in such a hurry, and the meek, just roared like a lion.

Look around you, GOPWAR is working! Anything, you donate is put to use here, paying for the operation of this website, where you can see it work, where it makes a difference. I will keep you informed, as I go along my journey, and if you like, you can join me. See you next newsletter, and of course, every morning, for, "The Best In Morning Twitter",

Take care. Thank you, and I love you, Bob


Off the coast of Southern Maine



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