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GOPWAR Update: A Lot Going On.

Hi Friends, It’s time I gave you the GOPWAR update. I will be doing this more often, if things keep going the way they are. I have a million things going on, and another million more projects I wish I had time to do. Here is quick flash on what is going on in my life, and with GOPWAR. There are several, projects ongoing right now, and a few new ones I should discuss. I have another six weeks of jury duty to go through, which has been slowing me down, but it is a duty we all do, at some point in our lives, and I am glad to do my part, as a citizen. 1. Movie project: “Inside Out, The Quarter line Incident”, was put on pause, until further notice. What started off as a look into a UFO incident, that occurred over 40 years ago, panned out to be a very scary story, that has not finished yet. Most of the people involved in the actual event are still alive, and because of the very personal nature of the event, coupled with damage to the character of some of the innocent residents in this rural area in Vermont, and combine that with the fact that some of what went on, is still going on, now. This will not be released, under any condition, until the anonymity, and safety of the residents of that area, are absolutely, guaranteed. I wish I could explain this situation better, but I can’t, without damage being done. 2. Music Concert Project: “Geezerfest”, was cancelled. The project required about one thousand acres of land, in a warm climate, in order to assemble the largest, multi-day, camp out, party celebration, ever held on earth. It was a dream for 30 years, the record executives knew I had, and I was given the promises from many performers, that they would be a part of it, at their own expense. The deadline on the financing required for the event, expired, which shuts it down, immediately. I am disappointed with that, but I will now work on celebrating the rebirth of our nation, with several smaller venues, perhaps, one that is televised, or live streamed. If there are folks who know how all that stuff works, and want to help with any portion of it, please contact me. 3. Movie project: “A Tale of Three Witches”, a story of three girls who grow up as witches, is still in the screenplay stage, but I have an idea I want to try. I want to write/re-write this story, as we go. The plan, is to have the actors be non-actors. I will produce this movie with no budget, if needed, I will have students, and volunteers help me. We will film this thing with cell phones, and Handi-cams if we have to. Everyone, who has any part in the production, will receive an equal share, of the profits made, minus, fifty percent for the estimated costs. I have set up the basic parameters, have even researched the actual documented cases, and stories, that all play a part in this story of the occult, that has everything, anyone would want in a scary movie, and much more. This movie, will be made by people like you. If you want to be a part of this, I would love to have you help. If you are an educator, and you would like to have your students take a shot at acting, writing, or directing, this is your chance. I will adjust this to be non-location specific, so scenes can be filmed at school, home, anywhere. 4. Podcast Project: “Bob’s World Talent Show”. This, is a simple pod cast, wherein, I sit on the couch, in a down-home way, and introduce, and feature acts, like I do on twitter, only more time, and more variety, with a higher quality of picture, and sound. 5. Video Transfer Project: “Long Wave”, is still underway. The goal is, to be able to use more than the total of two minutes, and twenty seconds allowed by Twitter. The first mass test was done with GOPWAR #267. That test worked, I was able to make it longer, but from an engineering standpoint, it was a horrible failure. The test video showed a massive loss of picture, and sound quality. The next test will be on GOPWAR #305 wherein, three different servers, and two different platforms are used. The test, so far, works great, but the real test is the load stress test, when the actual tweet is launched, and can be tracked accurately, until it hits around two, to three thousand views, after that, they begin to degrade, one byte at a time, and go into some sort of Twitter limbo. That’s it for now, I will keep you informed, as we go. Thank you so, very much for being a part of this. Spreading love, and joy is what this world needs right now, I hope you will do that, but even if you sit there, and don’t do a damn thing, I will love you, anyway. If you would like to help with GOPWAR, I can sure use it. I am looking for help upgrading this website to be more effective, just, better, but, I’m not very good at doing it. Financially, I want to keep GOPWAR free for everyone, but we are on a fixed income, and the costs are eating us up. I think the costs are worth it, smiles, are priceless, and I will go without a few things to have the pleasure of harvesting smiles, when we need them the most. I don’t want anyone who needs their money to live on, to spend on this, but if there is anyone who has more than enough, I ask you to donate anything you feel comfortable with, to help with our expenses, the best kind, are the auto-payments which help out, as the monthly services bills come in. I am going to keep this going as long as I am able, because, so many are happy to have something dependable, they can count on each day, for a few minutes of happiness, and joy. Thank you again, for being a part of my dream, the rebirth of America, through the use of music, spreading love, and joy to those who need it the most, to show the world, humans were meant to live much better than we do. Love will conquer hate, but we have to start loving. If you love someone, don’t be afraid to tell them, because, life is too short for wasting it on hate. I Love You, Bob