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"Geezerfest", is Doubtful Now

So far, we have been unable to secure a chunk of real estate, large enough for this super sized venue.

We did have an offer, but it is too cold there in January.

The end of the month is the last call to do this, after that, the financing to launch this endeavor, goes away, that's how things work in the music business.

I would be lying, if I said, I am not upset by this, but I am counting my blessings.

There is good news, I still have a boatload of talent, from super headliners, to local garage bands, all of whom, have pledged to perform for my cause, for no fee.

I am going to look into smaller venues, and other possibilities.

Looking forward to relaxing a little, I have had a busy Summer.

The movie, "The Quarterline Project", in Vermont has gone well, the weather has held up nicely, (but darn cold). That is the spookiest thing I have ever been involved in, and I used to do paranormal investigations. Those, involved with the project will have to have a serious discussion, as to proceed, or not, when we re-group at the end of the month. I have serious questions about keeping the identities of the families affected, confidential, because of the close knit communities. Anyone, who has seen how voracious the press can be, knows, it's almost, impossible to keep anything secret from them for long. The material is so personal, that I vote to keep this in the can for now. I know some of you are disappointed, but I am sure, in the end, you will see, I was right

My, "Bob's World Life Show", Started as a vlog, morphed into a comedy television show, then a serious vlog, then a fishing show, then an outdoor nature kayaking show, then a comedy outdoor nature show, then a comedy stoner vlog. I am totally confused at this point, what they want from me. Anyway, several episodes of each are now, "in the can", and when all the talking heads decide what direction they want to go, I will relay that to all of you.

I have a new project, I have been asked to consider by some dear friends. I am told, I can reach more people by using other means, than Twitter. My video clip tweets are seen by, from one, to, five thousand views, before it is no longer track-able.

I would like to get out, and meet the folks who might benefit from a close encounter type of venue, where everyone is invited, and we can share some joy together. Small venues, where we can get to know each other, share, and spread love, joy, and empowerment.

I have a dream of a small, traveling venue of ever-changing, quality entertainment, a variety show, of sorts, similar to my GOPWAR series of video clips on Twitter, that will be on podcast, and select television markets. I am working on the details, and will keep you informed on this site under the tag, "Bob's World".


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