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Geezerfest 2020, How Will It End?

Just an update;

Location, is the only thing, keeping me from flipping the switch, for this, turn-key, Guinness World Book, largest party ever imagined.

I did have an offer in the West, but it is too cold there in January to make this work. Thank you, so much Trevor T.

There is a time limit, I agreed keep that secret, because, I don't want to build this up, if I don't have the interest on the outside.

By outside, I mean, anyone not connected to this event, or the music business. The. "Inside", is all stacked, and ready to go. The music industry came together on this, the entertainment is on standby, and eager to be there. The logistics are being worked out, and the ticket severs are working very well.

I would really love to do this, I gave my word I would, if it can be done without the commercial, legal B.S., that always bogs down a good time. The label execs, that asked me to do this, know I can, and will do it, if I have the place to do it.

This is huge, and there is a risk, we will not get the location we need. In the event we don't, we will do many smaller venues, instead.

You can still pre-order tickets (free), and entertainment should still keep signing in at the artists registry, Geezerfest Pre-Registration Form.

Just, keeping you in the loop, from Bob's World...


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