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Geezerfest, Moving Ahead of Schedule

Everything is humming along, with servers working overtime, and the talent is stacking up. in advance of a, "GO", order, waiting only, for a location to be secured.

Please spread the word in your own circles, I need a thousand acres to do this, and it has to be warm enough to camp outdoors in January.

Location, may be the ONLY thing that can stop this, and I have faith in humanity. PLEASE, we need that location to make this work. I know we can do this. I refuse to accept failure on this. This, is the big chance, we all needed to come together as an unstoppable force. As soon as, I have that location, I can start the booking of the acts we have so far, plus, we can begin sending out the prior reserved tickets.

I am working on a talent show podcast. It is in four hour blocks, and will also be streamed live on Twitter, YouTube, and a few others. It will probably, be a few months before those are available to the public.I will keep you informed as these go along. Thanks to all of you who keep the pressure on to get all this done.

I am looking for a good logo design, if anyone who is artistic would like to give a few ideas, that would be great. Art teachers, you could ask your class for suggestions, and send them to me, so I can promote your events, in return.

Speaking about teachers, as you know, part of my message is togetherness. If you would have your students write a 500 word essay, on how attitude of the masses can be altered by one person, please send me your best one, so I can display, and discuss it. I am will be visiting some schools around the country in a few months, would love to meet the folks of the future, and show you a little of what has been lost in our society.

Take care all.



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