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Geezerfest Update: The Best News About Geezerfest

One thing, folks should think about, is, the powers that be, who control the majority of the music we listen to, and have learned long ago, how to read the future for the music industry, have made their predictions, AND THEY ROCK!!!

That's right, and those people don't go making stupid mistakes. They, are who is going to spend the money, and take the risks, like they always do. They know the business, inside, and out, and have made their decision.

Obviously, the entire event is to celebrate the NEW administration, and the rebuilding of America. This, should give us comfort, because, those players, are the ones ones who asked me to do this. Remember, those people don't take risks, they can't justify. The bean counters did their thing, and marketing folks are chomping at the bit, the lawyers love the no money thing, and, the talent can't wait to perform for, what I hope will be, the largest party ever assembled in the world.

That, coupled with the fact, that artists, and agents are pre-booking through the ticket servers, and good folks who want to be there are reserving tickets. You can reserve your tickets here, (no cost), if you are sure you will come to it.

Location, is the snag right now. I need a thousand acres of land to use for a week, somewhere warm, with some infrastructure to accommodate an ocean of people.

I know, in my heart, someone will come through so we can do this. I am putting my faith in the good folks, who might read this, and realize, they have the land, and it might be them, who decide if this happens, at all. I give my word, the land will look better when we leave it, than when we got there.

I love you all, and I'll keep you in the loop.


Off the coast of Southern Maine



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