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"Geezerfest", Update: Talent Agencies want in, looking good :)

I plan to hold the Guinness World record party, and the music business is all about it. Thumbs up, from some of the biggies in the industry. The messages I am getting so far are, are similar to this, "F**kin right we're there"!I had an offer for a location in the Midwest part of the nation, (thank you so much, Steve O), but had to pass on it, because it's too cold there in Winter, but, my brain is working on overdrive, wondering if I could pull off something by Summertime, don't dare me, you know what happens.Several offers of help have blessed me, so far. I am trying to answer you all, to thank you.Yesterday. I read a text from a headliner act, I had asked if they would consider doing a set for us at the event. I told them, they would get no pay, and I don't know where it's going to be, and the conditions could suck, and they won't even be paid for expenses. I started to shake, and cry, when I read their answer.The entire text say's, "Do bears shit in the woods? Love ya, Geezy, plan it!!!". With friends, and attitude like this, It's going to work!A thousand thank you's in advance, to those who help this be a success.


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