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"Geezerfest", Update

Planning for Geezerfest, (that is just a temporary name for reference), is ongoing, with the first organizational meeting for the project to be held in Las Vegas, NV. January 9th, 2019. This first meeting will be for all aspects of the event. A few weeks after that, we will have separate meetings for entertainment, and logistics. The big issue, for now is, LOCATION. I plan to break world records with the size, and scope of this event. We need a huge chunk of real estate to do this. Woodstock, for example, was 600 acres, so, realistically, we need a thousand acres, or more to make this work. Another important factor, in order to make this coincide with the election, and ouster of the GOP, it will be in the dead of Winter. The event will have to be in a warm climate. If you know anyone who has this kind of land, and is cool with sharing it for a few days, please beg them to email, or DM. me. The benefits to the surrounding populations are overwhelming, financially. On the entertainment; the older server I used for registering local talent is working, beautifully, and it is stacking up some awesome headline acts. Getting the servers to work together was not easy, but so far, they are very stable. Anyone, who knows some great entertainers, please ask them to come to the website, and register for this. There are no fees, this is a volunteer event., so, we don’t have any of the usual legal B.S. to deal with. They don’t have to be headline entertainers, you know my policy, “Everyone gets a chance in Geezer’s world”. On a personal note: I will be going on another river-raft adventure, (but I’ll be in a kayak), next week, and I should be in range to drop tweets with. This time, we plan to be in a populated area, not in the boonies like last time, and I hope to lose the nickname, “Wrong Way Bob”. Take care all, go out, and spread some love. Bob


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