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GOPWAR.NET is ON THE WAY Geezerfest?

That's right, the old site couldn't cut the mustard, terabyte, after terabyte, is flowing into new, safe servers. Registry servers are booting up to handle the rush, as the news is beginning to leak out, about an upcoming happening.

For the last thirty something, years, I have been working on a dream, and that may be what is beginning to unfold now.

The reason for the new site is, Monday,I was asked to handle the largest music venue ever known.

A higher powered site is needed to handle the emails, texts, and registrations required for such an event. The new site is being melded into the old, so things stay stable.

The good news is, the event won't be until, January 10th, 2020. The bad news is, that really, isn't that far away, for a logistics guy like me.

The big take-a-way here is, "I can't do this alone", I need help from whoever, or where ever I can get it.

The concept plan is, a three day music festival, similar to Woodstock, only much, much larger, and more organized. A three day, continuous flow, multi variety entertainment, from, marching bands, to headliner rock, dance, magic, and everything in between. Folks can bring a tent, or camper for sleeping, and if available we can use large buildings to rest in.

I am totally humbled by this, and take it very seriously. If this does come to be, it will be because of people, just like you, coming together, in the name of love for our country.

We can use your input on a million things, please let us know if you can help, and keep abreast of fast changing news, that will be coming out about this event over the next few months.

1. Geezerfest? Naww, we need a name for this event.

2. We need a place, a very, very big place, with the security available nearby to handle an ocean of partying people. My recommendation is an active military base,(they are huge, we already pay for it, the security would be there, and the brave men, and women in uniform would love to be a part of it). The newly elected president will be happy to proclaim it, Resistance Freedom Fest, or equivalent.

3. We will need talent, and just, from the leaked rumor so far, my email, and phones are on fire, hence, the reason to expand the website.

This, will be an event where, we will need to list, who is NOT going to be there. Music industry folks should email me within sixty days, to assure a spot.

If I agree to what we end up with, this will be the biggest thing I have ever done.

I made it clear, what my three requirements are, if I am going to run this.

1. If, I can't have this be a free event, absolute, free admission, and parking.I don't want any part of it. It is important to me, this be done WITHOUT money, because of all the legal B.S., I know there will be some costs, and I am counting on concessions, merchandise, and other profit streams, and help from some rich folks for that. Volunteerism is needed. It would be wonderful, if we could leave money out of this.

2. I will not allow any hate, this will be about love, togetherness, and diversity. if your act has promoted hate, you are not invited.

3. I will have last word on all the entertainment. I want this to be a festival, not a three day concert. I want there to be, (relative) quiet, between midnight, and 7am. Parents should be able to have their children with them for most of the show, (on the last day, (however), I plan to have more of an adult venue, where language might be an issue for parents.)

That's it, basically, I don't think I have asked for too much. Those of you who have known me, know my word is good, my cause is just, and I am not afraid. All we need to make this work, is a location.

I will keep you advised, as I go. If you haven't subscribed yet, please do, I keep all emails confidential, and do not charge for it.

In case you are thinking, "YESSSSS, I'm in", here is an example of the sorts of people I need to make this work.

Large venue promoters

Booking agencies, clear January, 10th,11th,12th, 2020

Website developers

Musicians, and entertainers of all types

Vendors, and concessionaires

Staging, lights, sound directors, and equipment

Safety, and security managers

Logistics personnel

Just to name a few.

If you know a kick-ass, military General, or equivalent, who might say, "Dammit!, that's just what we need, right here", please ask them to allow this at their base. Just, think of the value in it, with recruitment, public relations, and showing pride for who you are, and what you do. Not to mention the ability to proudly, show off for a bit, and have massive coverage for any of your own profit streams. If this fails, it will be because of the lack of a big enough, safe enough location to do this, not because of lack of spirit.

At the end of the event, I would love to meet all of you. I give my word, I will stay, as long as there are those who want to meet me. I will promise you, smiles, sharing, a chance to be among friends, and an infusion of fun.

Thank you all, so much, I get tears in my eyes over the love you send me, happy tears.

I will keep you informed if your a subscriber.

If not, catch me on Twitter in the morning.

Take care,



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