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The Quarterline Project (the movie)

The Quarter line Project, movie is in phase two.

The sound stage, is set, and the actual events location will be used for the re-enactment scenes.

This full length film project is something I have been involved in for a few years, already, and I don't expect it will available for at least, another year. The deeper we get into it, the more chilling it becomes. Locals involved in the actual events are helping, bigtime.

We are already issuing a serious warning about this film. It is NOT intended for kids to watch, and it NEVER will be.

With the help of new data, and verification, this story uncovered some deeply troubling material. The reality of this story, not being over yet is frightening, and being able to see why it hasn't ended, makes it even worse.

Still working on funding. We will film this with cell phones, and handycams, if we have to because, this story HAS to be told, in fairness to the human race.

Update: I was in Vermont a month ago, and should be there on location in about two weeks. I expect to spend 3-4 weekends filming, because the werather is so freaky up there.


Off the coast of Southern Maine



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