Bob’s World Projects

Status Report



Number               Project                                                Status                                  Location

141 “Music Moves Students”, Music / Schools      Completed                        State of Maine

142 “Democracy Concert”, Outdoor Concert        Cancelled (covid)              Boston, MA.

143 “GOPWAR.NET”, Love/Music/Outreach         In Production                     Southern Maine Coast

144 “Three Witches”, movie project                        In Production                     Goshen, Vermont

145 “Bob’s World Life”, YouTube channel               In Production                     Southern Maine Coast

146 “Bob’s World Life”, Tweets on twitter               Paused Temporarily           Southern Maine Coast

147 “Bob’s Little House of Paranormal”                  In Production                      Kittery Maine

148 “Variety Show”  (not yet named)                       Planning Stage2                New York City + Southern ME.

149 “Talent   Show”     (cancelled by directors vote, at my request)                 Portsmouth, NH.

150 “Democracy Celebration”, Outdoor Concert Pre-planning Stage            To Be Determined

151 “Bob’s Bill”, a bill for congress                          Planning Stage                  Southern Maine Coast

152 "Bob's World Outdoors", YouTube Channel   Channel  Almost Ready    Southern Maine Coast

153 "Bob's  Book", "Life Diet"                                 Available Free to Patrons         World Wide

154 "Bob's  Book", "Picking Penney Stocks"          Available Free to Patrons         World Wide

*Number 144, “Three Witches Movie”, all filming has stopped until, January, when we will start the Interior scenes, shooting in Goshen VT., and Durham, NH., then some exterior scenes when the ground gets the, "patchy-snow", appearance we are looking for.

*Number 146  The early, AM. tweets are not available. My twitter account was totally, obliterated by twitter support, and I am not sure why. My new twitter handle is,     @BobMuppet

*Number 147  “Bob’s Little House of Paranormal, Paranormal Reality", We are back to Witchtrot Road, but we are about, a mile, and a half, from our last location. Based on new data, we found the location the curse was made at, and where they stopped to water their horses, shortly after the curse, where things started going very badly.

*Number 148, “Variety Show”, is looking for talent acts, of all types. Please contact us through email, or through your agent, anyone, can apply.

*Number 149, Talent Show”, will not proceed, because I prefer not to force any act to compete with other acts. This is a result of experience with battle of the band, venues I have operated in the past, where I saw the wrong folks winning, based on politics, not talent.

*Number 150, “Democracy Celebration”, will be the world’s largest, multi-day concert event, to celebrate the return of Democracy, after the November elections. Once, we find a usable location, we can give more information about this. We are looking for volunteers to help with this joyous event. Everything is dependent on us being able to make this safe, (very safe), if we can prove that, then we will begin booking the acts for it. There are enough acts, who want to be a part of this, (at no charge), to run this, at least three, fifteen-hour days. Now, because this word is out, we will get many more acts, ready on the list. This super-sized, (but super safe), event can be a major economic boost to what-ever locality hosts it. This could generate enough income to save a city, or town. Those who know me, know I will feature the best entertainment for this. Contact me, if you know of a landowner of mega-acreage open land, who is interested in hosting this event. Timing, is everything with this, so, please move quickly, so we can spread some joy around this tattered, world. You know what to do😉

*151 “Bob’s Bill”, is bill for congress to introduce. It is only, a framework to go by. It is fluid, and is driven by you, the members. Please feel free to add to it, or remove from it, as you see fit. We will keep this bill updated for your review at, Bob’s Bill.  So far, four Senators have reviewed the bill, and none, want any part of it. This, shows how corrupt our Representatives are.

*152  "Bob's World Outdoors", is a another, YouTube channel I am working on. This one, will feature the, "Let's Go Outside", segment I have tried before with success, where, I take you outdoors with me, for some relaxing, quality time in nature. It, will also serve as a landing page for my personal vlog on YouTube currently at, "Bob's World Life".

*153    My newest book, "Bob Muppet's, Life Diet", goes on sale December, 1st. It is a diet system, guaranteed to work for you, in fact, it has a money back guarantee built into it. I have been researching this for years. My system allows you to eat what you normally do, and it even allows you to spoil yourself a little, like, add another meal to your day. It works by, controlling the portion size, substituting healthier food for the not-so-healthy, using  positive reinforcement from myself, through one of my YouTube channels, where, I will begin the same diet, with you, starting on December 1st. This, is not a fad diet, it is intended for anyone, who wants to lose, at least fifty pounds, and it will help anyone who is looking for real weight loss. More information will be coming out, soon. The book will be available at Barnes, + Nobel, and Amazon. after the 1st. of December.




Note: This website, and "Bob's World Life", and, "Bob's World Outdoors", are all in flux right now, as we work out the details in order to build a revenue stream to finance this website. As is stands, we can not commercialize this site, and have the music, as it is, now, because of copy-write problems.

"Bob's World Life", on YouTube, may get commercialized, instead, so, I recommend everyone add this channel, "Bob's World Outdoors", by subscribing to it, here. Be sure to turn on notifications, so you know if it becomes active. I promise, my personal vlog will keep going, so be sure to watch each episode of, "Bob's World Life", for more information.