Here is, "Bob’s Bill", as is, so far. This bill is fluid.

As suggestions are made, we update the bill.

Please feel free to make your own suggestions.

This bill is for all of us. Let me know on twitter.


Bob’s Bill

This is based on the observation of all US. Representatives being independently, wealthy, and having repeatedly, worked for their own gain, as a whole, and not for their constituents, the citizens of the United States of America.

To choose to serve in the congress, or senate, is an honor, it is not a permanent career choice, nor is it a method to get rich quick off the backs of American taxpayers.

Due, to the failure of both houses of congress to perform their required duties, and the feckless, pathological, refusal to protect their constituents safety, it has become necessary to demand the following action be taken, immediately, by all of congress, and the senate, by enacting Bob’s Bill at once.


The Bill

  1. The pay of representatives shall be limited, not to exceed, the federal minimum wage.

  2. There are no benefits, as this is a temporary position. Unfortunately, temporary workers do not receive benefits, or insurance but, you are guaranteed access to insurance, (if you can afford it).

  3. The current, three, and a half day work week, will be moved to five full workdays, per week. The house only works six hours per day, so total weekly hours should be thirty hours, (sorry, overtime is not available with this temporary job).

  4. The extra allowance for maintaining a second home, so you could travel less, you have enjoyed to this point, is cancelled, immediately.

  5. It is Illegal to serve more than two terms, in either house.

  6. It is illegal to receive any funds, or remuneration from any lobbyist, for any reason.

  7. While serving, you are not allowed to invest in stocks, or any businesses. If you own a business, you must divest from it, and you may not vote on any conflict of interest.

  8. A citizen’s review board will be appointed to verify the personal taxes of each of the representatives, for each year they are in office.

  9. No one representative shall have the authority to block any vote in either chamber.

  10. Your pay is determined by the hours, (you actually, work), IE: if you work 25 hours in a week, you get 25 hours pay.

  11. Any perks, or per-diems you had for housing, or, living expenses, such as, allowances for food, lodging, or travel, are discontinued immediately. Representatives will have the use of nearby Washington, DC. Hotels, once owned by Donald Trump, seized by the IRS.

  12. The congressional Banking Service, is cancelled, you can use your own bank.

  13. All legal privileges you had, are cancelled, such as the authority to break traffic, speeding laws, order a police escort for any non-emergency, or any action, where ‘in, you can act, “above the law”. You will follow the laws of this country, the same as, the rest of us.

  14. There is an age minimum of 25 years, and a maximum age of 65 years, to be a representative.

  15. Any bill passed by the House must be tabled, and voted on by the Senate within 60 days.

  16. Tax payer paid postage is discontinued, as representatives can buy their own stamps.

  17. Representatives are NOT allowed to have any social media accounts, all their communications can be via. telephone, TV. interview, radio, or live, snail mail, etc. ALL email, is to be permanently, retained.

  18. ANY subpeana from congress shall be enforced by the Sargent at arms, without delay.

  19. Set up, a voter protection board, who's job is to look for, and prosecute Reps. involved in voter suppression.

  20. Do away with the electoral college System, in favor of a one citizen, one vote system.

  21. Dump the two party system, in favor of a multiple ticket ballot.

  22. A background check, and security clearance is required of ANY individual wishing to run for ANY federal job, BEFORE they are allowed to run.




*Any violation of the above stated rules will result in immediate termination of your position