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Music Industry Insider
GOPWAR.NET has more music directors, producers, and agents following, than any other site, and this is the only non-commercial site like it.
Please, enjoy all this site has to offer, at no charge. It is based on love, and music. I do this for everyone, who enjoys music, and humanity.
I would love to have you join our community of music lovers, simply, hit the join button, and enter your email. That's it, and I don't sell anything, or give out your email.
I could really use your help to do this.
Spreading joy is more fun than you can imagine.
Please Re-tweet GOPWAR video clips.
Please join us each morning, you will be among friends.
Please donate, whatever you think the smiles they generate, are worth to you, in your heart.
Educators interested in showing off their school, or class projects to this audience, should contact me, as I am planning to expand the scope of the GOPWAR project, depending on if I get enough in donations to do it.
This is all, non-commercial, and is made possible by you.
                                                                   Thank you, so very much,
                                                                           Bob G. Muppet
   I wanted to let you know, twitter has shut down my daily video tweets. They have responded from threats from the music industry. They feel threatened with the way I operated, without income, or greed. I will keep the full length, direct email selections going, until, this too, is stopped.
I will be working on a weekly vlog channel on YouTube, called,
"Bob's World Life", that should start in a few weeks. You can go to my vlog, here.
I will email a you a link to get to it, as soon as it's ready. It will be a personal vlog about my life, completely different from GOPWAR.
I plan to go places, and do things to create some content you might enjoy.
I will discuss everything from health issues, like my battle with pain, and how I deal with it, to, camping, kayaking, and how I dumped Big Pharma, and kept a smile on my face, (Hint: I live in Maine). There is sure to be some laughing, and loving, involved.
We helped hundreds of new artists get their start, and rescued many of them from bankruptcy, while showing the world what they could do. We created millions of smiles in the process, and made life a little easier for the masses. Most of all, we taught the world, you can do ANYTHING, if you try, especially, women.
We made a lot of friends on this journey, and if your reading this, you are one of my friends. I keep my friends forever, and I have this list, so I will never be alone, and I will always be able to count on folks like you in the future.
Thank you all for being a part of, one of the finest things
I have ever done, and for believing in me.
I will always love you,

“You can’t please everyone so, you got to please yourself”, are the words from the Rick Nelson song, and that, is exactly, what I am going to do. I’m old now, I’ve done my best, and now, I’m going to enjoy myself. I’m done answering to other people, for anything. This debacle with the music industry, and twitter, and I is the LAST time I will back down, and it’s only because, I don’t have a team of lawyers to help me.

I really hope you enjoy my new weekly vlog, “Bob’s World Life”, on YouTube. I am making it for me, this time, so who knows what will come of it. This, won’t be a music industry thing, (they broke my heart), but you can count on some laughs, though, for sure. It will be for adults, only, because some of the things we will discuss, and show, are not for children. Please don’t be lulled into allowing children to watch it, (I have a different project in the works for them, of course).

The GOPWAR.NET website will continue to operate to allow the morning emails videos to go out, and serve as a portal for folks to donate to the Music/Love Outreach Teachers Project. We run that, and ONLY WE decide what is on it, the music industry can’t stop GOPWAR.

Don’t be sad about the morning tweets stopping. There are many ways for us to be together, that was only one of them. I’m not going anywhere, and the friends I make are for life. You know I can bring people together, and cheer folks up. Let’s continue to spread love, and harvest smiles together.

We turned our common hate for the GOP. Into group love among-st us, what a wonderful conversion it was, we should be very proud of what we did. Now, that we know how to do it, we will teach others to do it, and love will spread around the world.

Most of you don’t know it, but about, forty percent of GOPWAR.NET fans are Republicans, who slowly morphed into folks who care, and spread the, (I love you’s), right along with the rest of us. I will see you on YouTube, and on twitter, (until they ban me).

Lighten up a little, take a deep breath, and go tell someone you love them.

Take care, I love you all,


Click here, to go to my personal vlog, "Bob's World Life", on YouTube.


July 1, 2019

We all love her, and it's so nice to see her again.

Columbia, South Carolina, you are so lucky to have her.

I loved watching all their faces light up with joy.

April 4, 2019

To better serve my GOPWAR family, I have made a few changes.
GOPWAR subscribers, will now, receive the long version of the daily tweets in your email every day.
Each day, you will be able to see the best version of the tweet of the day, when you can use it best. We are all on different schedules, so it seems fitting, to direct send these tweets to subscribers.
There are several benefits to this. You will be able to have it ready, when you need it, and I wil...

April 3, 2019

This, is a staged marriage proposal, where everyone, except, the fiance's G/F, is in on it.

Her B/F is the guy in blue, in the middle, and she dosen't even, know it is him, dancing.

This will boost my smiles harvest;)

March 23, 2019

I love this lady. She is responsible for thousands of smiles, not just on faces, but in hearts, too. Her voice makes me feel at home, and at ease. If you happen by Costco's, on Piney Grove Road, in Columbia, NC., you should stop by and listen to this voice of love. Say hi to her, she's a sweetie.

March 21, 2019

They couldn't stop it from coming.

October 13, 2018

Try this experiment, yourself. The folks on this subway are not actors.

September 24, 2018

See if you can fight smiling, but wait, who would do that.

Maybe, you could spread some love around today, too.