Welcome to GOPWAR, my personal war on the Republican party.
It’s pronounced, “Gee-O-pee-War”

A little over two years ago, I sat, partying with some friends.
I forget what Trump news story was on television, at the time, but, I remember becoming outraged by what has been done to our democracy, and our decency. In fact, I became belligerent, and enraged enough, to stand up, and proudly declare publicly, that I was now declaring war on the entire Republican party.
At first, I thought I could simply, promote any opposition to the vile Republicans, but as I ranted on, I realized, the Republican party has to be completely obliterated, treated as the Taliban, or Isis. They must be unable to rise up in the future, so our children’s children won’t have to deal with this Republican horror show again.
The weapons they use are money, and power in their evil, Russian directed war on decency.
I will use music, and nature to help me carry my message of love, and togetherness to anyone who will watch, or listen.
As I continued my anti-Republican rant, since, I am an old geezer, I couldn’t think of anything I could do to actually wage war upon those scumbags, so I promised everyone listening, that I was going to make ten video clips on Twitter, and since, we all know good, always defeats evil, I can not be stopped. I was promptly, asked to leave, (OK., fine, they demanded I leave).

I had only made a few videos before, I didn’t really know anything more than anyone else.
I soon found out, Twitter, only gives you two minutes, and twenty seconds, so instead of a music video, it’s a video clip.
Next, the video quality on Twitter is horrible, so I need to use hi definition video, only, and then, I was hassled about copyright violations, so I decided to use cover tunes whenever possible.
With each one I made I learned a bit more each time, than I knew before, and the clips began to slowly, morph into their own style. I would find a tune, and then the video came around, and, as if by some paranormal magic, I started cranking out one clip, after another. After each one, I was told by my friends, (some of them, Republicans), I had moved them, forced them to think about what they are all about, some admitted having tears come to their eyes.
,Eureka I found the soft underbelly of the beast. Republicans don’t do well with togetherness, and they don’t understand simple things we take for granted, like love, tenderness, honesty, the humility to say, I was wrong, and guts to look someone in the eye, and tell them, “I love you”.
Things like gun sense, diversity, personal rights, helping the down trodden, all that stuff is kryptonite to Republicans. And so, that brings us to now.
What has developed, is a musical variety show, of sorts, all with a simple message of love, and togetherness,  I will leave out the God stuff,  and let you decide what to believe on your own, and I will call it, GOPWAR.
You are a part of it, because, without people watching, these clips are nothing. I am proud of what I am doing, and I am proud to have you call me your friend. I will try not to offend others, but some of the topics we need to cover will be difficult, I will do my best to soften the blows.
There is a blue wave rising, and I intend to help that wave along by converting Republican minds, one at a time.
Please join me every day early AM. For some songs to resist by.

The very best in morning Twitter.

I started, GOPWAR.NET in a fit of anger at the GOP.

Who could have known, it would turn into a network built on love, who reaches out to the darkest places on earth, delivering light, hope, music, emotion, and unconditional love?

After the election, we will work on both sides, being United States.

Please help GOPWAR spread love. Please donate whatever you think it's worth in your heart.

If you would like to donate to this cause, you can do so below, below, or you can scroll to bottom of the site to access donations.

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To all our wonderful members:

I am suspending the website for a few months, due to my fading vision. I am unable to read what I type, unless, I have a dark background, like on twitter. This website can't do that. Hopefully, in a month, or two, I can have an operation that, might help me to see. Update: I have my first eye surgery on August 10th. I love you all, so much, and I thank all of you for supporting this project. For now, it's just , not possible for me to continue this. Don't let this make you sad, I am old, and have seen all I need to see. Thank all of you, who have supported this project, in the past, and I hope you will continue to do so, even as it goes dark for a while. We still need to help teachers, and b

Sinead Burgess #745

One of the finest country artists, plays her newest hit, at the guitar store.

The Petersens #744

This, makes me smile, when I see so many happy faces, and each family member adds a special talent to the whole. Wonderful!!!

Meagan Trees #743

Meagan dove right, into my heart with this performance. Wonderful, and honest, the way it should be.

Victor Marc #742

This guy, is very talented. He proves to me, the looper, is one of the best advances made, in music.

Choir! Choir! Choir! #741

I never thought it was possible for a large choir to do this song. I love being wrong about this stuff.

Pentatonix #737

These folks never disappoint.Our voice is our best instrument.

Jacob Koopman #734

Sometimes, you have to see it done in the street, live, to properly, enjoy it.

Alyssa Baker #733

This song, my mother used to sing to me. Done so well, by an Angel, for you to enjoy.

Class Action Law Suit Update: We Have To say NO.

Well, our feasibility study has come to an end. Here is what we know, at this time, there are over 155 suits in progress, already. Our plan was to put all these in one class action suit, so All Americans can benefit from it. Here is our finding, and opinion. After discussing this with multiple well seasoned, attorneys. There is little chance of the hundreds of ongoing legal actions, giving up, and joining us in this endeavor. There are four, major class action suits in progress now, and we have reached out to all of them to offer our services, and help. The GOPWAR.NET website is set up to handle the e-signatures, voting, and updates, and there are no fees for any of it. We were unable to fin

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