Welcome to GOPWAR, my personal war on the Republican party.
It’s pronounced, “Gee-O-pee-War”

A little over two years ago, I sat, partying with some friends.
I forget what Trump news story was on television, at the time, but, I remember becoming outraged by what has been done to our democracy, and our decency. In fact, I became belligerent, and enraged enough, to stand up, and proudly declare publicly, that I was now declaring war on the entire Republican party.
At first, I thought I could simply, promote any opposition to the vile Republicans, but as I ranted on, I realized, the Republican party has to be completely obliterated, treated as the Taliban, or Isis. They must be unable to rise up in the future, so our children’s children won’t have to deal with this Republican horror show again.
The weapons they use are money, and power in their evil, Russian directed war on decency.
I will use music, and nature to help me carry my message of love, and togetherness to anyone who will watch, or listen.
As I continued my anti-Republican rant, since, I am an old geezer, I couldn’t think of anything I could do to actually wage war upon those scumbags, so I promised everyone listening, that I was going to make ten video clips on Twitter, and since, we all know good, always defeats evil, I can not be stopped. I was promptly, asked to leave, (OK., fine, they demanded I leave).

I had only made a few videos before, I didn’t really know anything more than anyone else.
I soon found out, Twitter, only gives you two minutes, and twenty seconds, so instead of a music video, it’s a video clip.
Next, the video quality on Twitter is horrible, so I need to use hi definition video, only, and then, I was hassled about copyright violations, so I decided to use cover tunes whenever possible.
With each one I made I learned a bit more each time, than I knew before, and the clips began to slowly, morph into their own style. I would find a tune, and then the video came around, and, as if by some paranormal magic, I started cranking out one clip, after another. After each one, I was told by my friends, (some of them, Republicans), I had moved them, forced them to think about what they are all about, some admitted having tears come to their eyes.
,Eureka I found the soft underbelly of the beast. Republicans don’t do well with togetherness, and they don’t understand simple things we take for granted, like love, tenderness, honesty, the humility to say, I was wrong, and guts to look someone in the eye, and tell them, “I love you”.
Things like gun sense, diversity, personal rights, helping the down trodden, all that stuff is kryptonite to Republicans. And so, that brings us to now.
What has developed, is a musical variety show, of sorts, all with a simple message of love, and togetherness,  I will leave out the God stuff,  and let you decide what to believe on your own, and I will call it, GOPWAR.
You are a part of it, because, without people watching, these clips are nothing. I am proud of what I am doing, and I am proud to have you call me your friend. I will try not to offend others, but some of the topics we need to cover will be difficult, I will do my best to soften the blows.
There is a blue wave rising, and I intend to help that wave along by converting Republican minds, one at a time.
Please join me every day early AM. For some songs to resist by.

The very best in morning Twitter.

I started, GOPWAR.NET in a fit of anger at the GOP.

Who could have known, it would turn into a network built on love, who reaches out to the darkest places on earth, delivering light, hope, music, emotion, and unconditional love?

After the election, we will work on both sides, being United States.

Please help GOPWAR spread love. Please donate whatever you think it's worth in your heart.

If you would like to donate to this cause, you can do so below, below, or you can scroll to bottom of the site to access donations.

You can see higher quality video clips, and get special clips not posted on twitter. by scrolling down to the bottom, and  subscribing. This, is a free, noncommercial website. We do not charge anything, nor do we sell anything.

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Matt Anderson #519

Not much beats a song, sung from the heart, like this one. I can feel the country emotion.

Unknown??? #518

If you know who these buskers are, please let me know. I can't get enough of them, and they deserve credit for their work. This, was recorded seven years ago, so they are either super good, or gone, by now.

Colin Hay #517

This guy is performing his hit song from 40 years ago, and I like it better than the original.

Sunday Relaxation #25 Roy, and Rosemary

I love this presentation, filmed outdoors, with class, and exceptional talent on all pieces. Our control group found, singing with it, lowered their blood pressure, several points more than, without.

Daoiri Farrell #516

What do you do when your flight is delayed? Daoirí Farrell, Geoff Kinsella and Robbie Walsh, keeping it real, keeping it fun.

The Franz Family #515

Top shelf musicians, right here. I love this tune, and I expect to see these folks climbing to the very, top. They know how to work together.

Josh Turner #514

Second time here, by popular demand. This solo remake, shows the talent in this guy's brain.

Denver Brass #513

Who can't love this patriotic performance, done in a flash format? If you feel the shivers running down your spine, it's just your love of country, reminding us, who we are.

Costantino Carrara #511

Done outdoors, this performance is awe inspiring. Listen to this tune played in a different way, you know the words.

Sax Gordon #510

I can't get enough of the energy in this artist. Sax, the way it should be.

Alyssa Shouse #508

Everything about this tune, is awesome, I love the harmony, and hard punch of the vocals.

Matt Schofield #506

Blues masters on stage, right here. This is hand clapping, toe stomping, hardcore blues, done just right!

ATC, and Alex Goot #505

Their second time here by popular demand. These folks have real chemistry together, it works!

Eric Darius #504

One of the worlds best sax players, doing his smooth thing. Relax, and enjoy.

BTS ft. Lilypichu #503

This combination of piano, and violin talents, leaves me, and those who know these instruments, with my mouth open, amazed, overwhelmed.

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