Welcome to GOPWAR, my personal war on the Republican party.
It’s pronounced, “Gee-O-pee-War”

A little over two years ago, I sat, partying with some friends.
I forget what Trump news story was on television, at the time, but, I remember becoming outraged by what has been done to our democracy, and our decency. In fact, I became belligerent, and enraged enough, to stand up, and proudly declare publicly, that I was now declaring war on the entire Republican party.
At first, I thought I could simply, promote any opposition to the vile Republicans, but as I ranted on, I realized, the Republican party has to be completely obliterated, treated as the Taliban, or Isis. They must be unable to rise up in the future, so our children’s children won’t have to deal with this Republican horror show again.
The weapons they use are money, and power in their evil, Russian directed war on decency.
I will use music, and nature to help me carry my message of love, and togetherness to anyone who will watch, or listen.
As I continued my anti-Republican rant, since, I am an old geezer, I couldn’t think of anything I could do to actually wage war upon those scumbags, so I promised everyone listening, that I was going to make ten video clips on Twitter, and since, we all know good, always defeats evil, I can not be stopped. I was promptly, asked to leave, (OK., fine, they demanded I leave).

I had only made a few videos before, I didn’t really know anything more than anyone else.
I soon found out, Twitter, only gives you two minutes, and twenty seconds, so instead of a music video, it’s a video clip.
Next, the video quality on Twitter is horrible, so I need to use hi definition video, only, and then, I was hassled about copyright violations, so I decided to use cover tunes whenever possible.
With each one I made I learned a bit more each time, than I knew before, and the clips began to slowly, morph into their own style. I would find a tune, and then the video came around, and, as if by some paranormal magic, I started cranking out one clip, after another. After each one, I was told by my friends, (some of them, Republicans), I had moved them, forced them to think about what they are all about, some admitted having tears come to their eyes.
,Eureka I found the soft underbelly of the beast. Republicans don’t do well with togetherness, and they don’t understand simple things we take for granted, like love, tenderness, honesty, the humility to say, I was wrong, and guts to look someone in the eye, and tell them, “I love you”.
Things like gun sense, diversity, personal rights, helping the down trodden, all that stuff is kryptonite to Republicans. And so, that brings us to now.
What has developed, is a musical variety show, of sorts, all with a simple message of love, and togetherness,  I will leave out the God stuff,  and let you decide what to believe on your own, and I will call it, GOPWAR.
You are a part of it, because, without people watching, these clips are nothing. I am proud of what I am doing, and I am proud to have you call me your friend. I will try not to offend others, but some of the topics we need to cover will be difficult, I will do my best to soften the blows.
There is a blue wave rising, and I intend to help that wave along by converting Republican minds, one at a time.
Please join me every day early AM. For some songs to resist by.

The very best in morning Twitter.

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Alexa Melo #412

What a nice, fresh rendition of a great classic. This Angel has a great, clean, new sound of her own,already. The force in this one, strong, it is.

Stellenbosch University Choir #409

Please, don't think this is a sad song. It pulls emotion from your heart, but it is NOT sad. The teamwork is fantastic. I love everything about this performance, and I demand more!

I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon)

WTF! This is about, ten years old, I only, put this here for a laugh. I think I had something on my mind at the time, and couldn't stop pointing, and laughing through it. Lighten up, nothing, and I mean, nothing, is as good for you as a good laugh.

The Costco Lady Returns

I love this lady. She is responsible for thousands of smiles, not just on faces, but in hearts, too. Her voice makes me feel at home, and at ease. If you happen by Costco's, on Piney Grove Road, in Columbia, NC., you should stop by and listen to this voice of love. Say hi to her, she's a sweetie.

Casper Esmann #406

This, is a finalist for, 2018, Acoustic Guitarist of the Year. Watching this, makes it clear, why.

Tamar, and Netanel #404

From the heart, outdoors, talent, and joy. This song makes me think about Spring, and renewal.

Costco, You Rock!

March 8th, 2019, unknown Costco employee, at Columbia SC. singing, as she is busy working. What a wonderful voice this Angel has. Her voice is so calming, and soothing.

BTWN US #403

Their second time here, for a good reason, they got what it takes. Since, their first feature here, a few months ago, demand for more has required a return. I am proud to know these talented musicians.

SWR1 #402

Flash mob, filmed in Germany, shows us what teamwork can produce. I love this stuff!

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