I made this page to list the friends on twitter, to whom we send extra love, and well wishes. So many people have asked to get in on the action, because of the joyous, rewards we receive from doing it.

It is so much fun to watch the love energy flying across the net, targeting someone, who is down.

Often, these targeted Angels get so busy reading the well wishes, that they lose track of the fear, or pain. When you talk to those who have had this treatment, they will tell you, "It got better, and the pain, or worry began to subside, with each word I read, suddenly, I realized, I am NOT alone".


Heisenberg ΔpΔx≥ℏ/2 @upekkha18 Went into surgery, but had our love with her, the whole time.


Most of you know Koko @Kokomothegreat She took her mom to the ER. today, she will be back soon, but it's serious, and some love from us would be really nice for her, and her Mom. Please send her some positivity, and best wishes.


We have another among us who could use some cheering up, her son is in surgery today, and she is crying. We all know her,     Trivial soul


Please send her some well wishes, and loving. Crying is not right, let's get her so busy reading, she has peace.


Friends, and Family: One of our good friends is quite sick, and probably, feels all alone. She's going to go to urgent care Monday if she isn't better. DonnaForDemocracy @dkmzkt322 has a lot of friends here, let's show her we care about her, and be here for her.

Will have more, as it happens...


Off the coast of Southern Maine



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