A Few Words From Bob

“You can’t please everyone so, you got to please yourself”, are the words from the Rick Nelson song, and that, is exactly, what I am going to do. I’m old now, I’ve done my best, and now, I’m going to enjoy myself. I’m done answering to other people, for anything. This debacle with the music industry, and twitter, and I is the LAST time I will back down, and it’s only because, I don’t have a team of lawyers to help me.

I really hope you enjoy my new weekly vlog, “Bob’s World Life”, on YouTube. I am making it for me, this time, so who knows what will come of it. This, won’t be a music industry thing, (they broke my heart), but you can count on some laughs, though, for sure. It will be for adults, only, because some of the things we will discuss, and show, are not for children. Please don’t be lulled into allowing children to watch it, (I have a different project in the works for them, of course).

The GOPWAR.NET website will continue to operate to allow the morning emails videos to go out, and serve as a portal for folks to donate to the Music/Love Outreach Teachers Project. We run that, and ONLY WE decide what is on it, the music industry can’t stop GOPWAR.

Don’t be sad about the morning tweets stopping. There are many ways for us to be together, that was only one of them. I’m not going anywhere, and the friends I make are for life. You know I can bring people together, and cheer folks up. Let’s continue to spread love, and harvest smiles together.

We turned our common hate for the GOP. Into group love among-st us, what a wonderful conversion it was, we should be very proud of what we did. Now, that we know how to do it, we will teach others to do it, and love will spread around the world.

Most of you don’t know it, but about, forty percent of GOPWAR.NET fans are Republicans, who slowly morphed into folks who care, and spread the, (I love you’s), right along with the rest of us. I will see you on YouTube, and on twitter, (until they ban me).

Lighten up a little, take a deep breath, and go tell someone you love them.

Take care, I love you all,